Bringing technology, resources, and solutions to the marine sector

Clean energy, sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the top of the global agenda.

Regulatory change and targets, growing social awareness and consumer driven demand, require changes in policy, practice, and behaviour. Whether you need a strategy roadmap, technical and practical solutions or training for your staff – we can work with you to make it happen!

Our Services

Advanced Sustainable Mooring Systems (ASMS)

With our partners Seaflex and English Braids, we have eliminated chain from mooring systems Our moorings have a long lifespan, low maintenance with greatly reduced impact on the seabed. The Mermaid-K can be used for all vessels, DATA Buoys and navigational marks. We are developing a multiple point system for recreational vessels, which will allow increased mooring capacity in a reduced area.

Marinas - Energy – Aquaculture - Custom

Whether you need single harbour pontoon, a full scale marina or recreational swimming platforms. Our modular solutions allow flexibility in design and application from floating solar, to seaweed farms. Reduced shock loads, and dampening motion from wind and wave motion reduce costs, improve performance and reduce impact.

Sustainable Evaluation/Audits

A baseline understanding of where you and your business are regarding sustainability, is our starting point. We work with you and your business, and understand what you would like to achieve. Then create a practical plan and strategy to align and implement short and long term goals.


We can recommend the technical solution which achieves your goals. Whether it’s reducing emissions, fuel efficiency or seabed restoration. 


Meet the Team

Ian Walker


Ian Walker is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of interests from hospitality to renewable energy.

James Scott-Anderson


James started his journey in the marine world racing yachts, primarily the Rolex circuit before moving into the super yacht world of builds and refits. Sustainability is what drives James and has resulted in him leading the development of many papers and projects to facilitate a more environmentally friendly marine space.

Simon De La Rue


Simon has developed the business with James and Ian and consults on aspects of renewable energy, strategy and business development. Based in the Channel Islands, Simon has developed opportunities within the challenging waters of the islands as well as working on projects across the UK.

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